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written & directed by Sean Sweeney

I used to think happy endings were only
in the books I read, but you made me
feel alive when I was almost dead.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (4/1/17)

SUMMARY: Former secret agent Hash LaHavok is let go by the secret government agency that employed him; at the same time, his wife, Mona, divorces him. Years later, LaHavok shows up on the birthday of his estranged daughter Kimmy, now a teenager, but she wants nothing to do with him, and Mona still doesn't want him around either. Her new husband, Steve Manning, is a conductor with Hooked on Classics, and they leave for a tour of Eastern Europe with Kimmy friend Piper in tow. However, two Eastern European criminals, Yugo and Zadar, are plotting. Yugo hates classical music, because he was betrayed by his former lover, Arthur Fiedler - the conductor who popularized classical music. As Fiedler is dead, Yugo will get his revenge by kidnapping the Manning family and selling Kimmy into sex slavery. However, when they abduct the Mannings, they accidentally take Piper instead of Kimmy, and a desperate Kimmy calls her father for help.

Photos by Brendan Broms


Alyssa Bass

GoGo (Ep. 1)

Steve Brewster

Raymond Manning (Ep. 1)

Chip Godwin

Yugo (Ep. 1)

Rowan Hall

Piper (Ep. 1)

Natasha Lee Martin

Mona Manning (Ep. 1)

Michael Silva

Zadar (Ep. 1)

Sean Sweeney

Hash LaHavok (Ep. 1)

Marielle Vigneau-Brit

Kimmy Manning (Ep. 1)