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written by Chip Bolcik
directed by Sarah Wilson

A man who can't drink anymore learns it's easy to
get a medical marijuana card - unless you're him.

3 Episodes
10/1/16 - 10/15/16

EPISODE ONE (10/1/16)

SUMMARY: Chip tells the story of the day he met his liver. His doctor warns him that he has to choose - stop drinking, or lose his liver to cirrhosis. A tough choice, as he loves wine... and his liver is clingy and obnoxious. His father, who still drinks and smokes to excess, is unsympathetic. After a lifetime of avoiding drugs, Chip's friend Josh convinces him to try marijuana, and he really enjoys the experience. And so Chip sets out to get himself a medical marijuana card...

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (10/8/16)

SUMMARY: Chip is heading home from a playwright's conference in Alaska, and his friend Michelle gives him some marijuana-infused chocolate just before he gets on the plane. Chip becomes paranoid that everyone will know he has pot on him, and has a dream that the flight attendant discovers him and tries to throw him off the plane. However, no such thing happens and he arrives safe and sound, and is greeted at the airport by Josh, who has his own pot chocolate. It's time for Chip to meet up with his wife for their anniversary cruise, and he takes the pot chocolate along... but he's unfamiliar with the concept of "dosing," and that's going to lead to complications...

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE THREE (10/15/16)

SUMMARY: Chip and his wife Laura spend their anniversary on the Queen Mary, but Chip, unaware of the concept of "dosing," gives her far too much of the pot chocolate. It makes her giggly and then intent on writing down her sudden "revelations" about life, while it just makes Chip dopey and sleepy. They don't get to do anything romantic, but Chip's liver and Laura's heart manage to have a romantic escapade.

Photos by Mandi Moss


Chip Bolcik

Himself (Eps. 1-3)

Rob Lecrone

Josh (Eps. 1-2)

Shayne Anderson

Dr. M.T. Miwallit (Ep. 1)

Paul Zegler

Chip's Dad (Ep. 1)

Rob Rota

Chip's Liver (Eps. 1-3)

Michelle Gardner

Herself (Ep. 2)

Anne Allison

Flight Attendant (Ep. 2)

Laura Bolcik

Herself (Ep. 3)

Rachel Matthews

Laura's  Heart (Ep. 3)