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written by Angela Sauer
directed by Ben Rock

The heroes we probably deserve.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (10/22/16)

SUMMARY: Crimefighter Robin is irritated by her new sidekick, "The Kick," who has dressed in bright green spandex - which isn't really optimal for protection in a fight - and seems hopelessly naive about crimefighting; everything he knows, he learned from comic books. However, she needs help; she's not been herself since she was shot recently, and is in a weakened state. And though she's skeptical that he wants to be a hero for altruistic reasons - he was a PR major and want to establish his "brand" - at least he knows enough not to wear a cape, which would be both impractical and dangerous. And he says his true motivation was being  a fat kid who was bullied, and now wants to stand up against injustice. She also tells him it's good that he trains, but rarely gets into actual fights; comic books make fighting look cool, but true heroism includes avoiding fights unless they're absolutely necessary. As a woman calls for help and the sounds of chaos and calamity arise in the distance, Robin reluctantly allows The Kick to accompany her to the rescue.

Photos by Mandi Moss


Cj Merriman

Robin (Ep. 1)

Ian Littleworth

The Kick (Ep. 1)