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written by Annette Fasone
directed by JJ Mayes
(ep. 4 directed by JJ Mayes & Colin Willkie)

They had no idea what was about to drop in their bucket.

6 Episodes
Original Run: 5 eps, 2/25/17 - 4/22/17
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 4/29/17

EPISODE ONE (2/25/17)

SUMMARY: Mario is a man in trouble, trying to escape some dangerous people while in possession of flash drive containing top secret information. However, when he bumps into Jade and Jason, who are collecting money for charity, he accidentally drops the flash drive into their basket, inadvertently drawing them into his dangerous life.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (4/1/17)

SUMMARY: Captain O'Connor tells Officer Wesson to get that flash drive back, as it contains proof of corruption in the police department. Wesson is reluctantly teamed with eager-beaver rookie Gary to go on the hunt for the flash drive. Meanwhile, Jason and Jade have decided they'll turn over the flash drive to the cops for the reward, but Mario finds them first. When Jason won't give him the flash drive, Mario regretfully aims a gun at him - and Jason swallows the flash drive. Wesson and Gary arrive... and Wesson shoots both Mario and the annoying Gary, and takes Jade and Jason with him. Meanwhile, Captain O'Connor calls the Mayor and says everything's going to plan - the flash drive's contents will hang Wesson out to dry, but there's nothing on it to implicate the Mayor or himself.

Photos by Brendan Broms


SUMMARY: Officer Gary, both his arms in slings, tries to wrangle a promotion to detective by offering to file a false police report about what happened the other day, but Smith, Wesson and O'Connor make it clear that if he won't file the false report, they'll just shoot him. Gary then rigs up a way to use his gun without arms - one that involves the gun being strapped to his belly facing outwards. It's a little too easy to trigger the gun, and he ends up accidentally shooting Wesson's car. However, Gary and Smith convince him the bullet holes in his car make him look like a badass who has seen some dangerous action. They all get in on putting more bullet holes in his car, with Gary basking in the newfound acceptance - but when Wesson accidentally shoots out one of his tires - followed by Gary accidentally shooting out another one - Wesson declares that he hates Gary. Meanwhile, Jade and Jason try to decide what to do next. Before Mario died, he told Jade and Jason to seek the Blue Baboon; they have no idea what this means, so their only hope is to visit a man known as "The Buddha" - an incredibly charismatic man with much knowledge.

EPISODE FOUR (4/15/17)

SUMMARY: Representative Woods warns Captain O'Connor that he'd better recover that hard drive, which implicates her and other government officials. Meanwhile, Jade and Jason are dealing with "The Buddha" - a.k.a. Glen - who claims to have psychic powers, and does seem to know a lot about their situation. But his knowledge of the hard drive may have a more prosaic explanation when a knock at the door comes from Captain O'Connor, who wants to talk to his brother... Glen.

Photos by Brendan Broms

EPISODE FIVE (4/22/17)

SUMMARY: Glen wants nothing to do with O'Connor. Meanwhile, Officers Smith and Wesson are abducted by goons working for Rep. Woods. She asks them to find dirt on Captain O'Connor. At first they refuse, but she's got a recording of him betraying them, so they change their tune.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Smith and Wesson accept their new assignment from Rep. Woods - and Smith convinces himself that he's got a thing going on with her. But when Gary has reservations about their new assignment, they pull a gun on him...

Photos by Maral Adams


Victor Isaac

Officer Smith (Eps. 1 & 3-6)

Peter Fluet

Officer Wesson (Eps. 1-6)

Chris Alvarado

Mario (Eps. 1-2)

Cj Merriman

Jade (Eps. 1-5)

Matt Valle

Jason (Eps. 1-5)

Michael Anastasia

Man in Suit (Ep. 1)

Kristyn Chalker

Feminist (Ep. 1)

Chairman Barnes

Veteran (Ep. 1)

Michael Shaw Fisher

Dog Walker (Ep. 1)

King Renly

Himself (Ep. 1)

Bart Tangredi

Captain O'Connor (Eps. 2-6)

Michael Silva

Gary (Eps. 2-4 & 6)

Pat Towne

The Buddha (Eps. 3-5)

Alyssa Preston

Rep. Woods (Eps. 4-6)

Colin Willkie

Geronimo Tangredi (Eps. 5-6)