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written by Ryan Gowland & Peter Fluet
(episode 5 co-written by Jamie Fluet)
directed by JJ Mayes

To save the present, sometimes
you have to fuck over your past.

8 Episodes
Original Run: 5 eps, 10/1/16 - 10/29/16
Playoffs Run: 3 eps, 5/6/17 - 6/10/17

EPISODE ONE (10/1/16)

SUMMARY: Kyle and Larry arrive in the past - in Revolutionary France - on separate missions: Kyle wants to save the life of his beloved wife, Amanda, by hiding a message in his wife's clock by going back in time to the day it was manufactured. Larry - whose dad built the time machine - just wants to bang "hot historical chicks"... in this case, Marie Antoinette. When Napoleon and Marie unexpectedly arrive, Napoleon thinks the duo are a pair of Americans he is due to meet with - as does Paulette, a parlor maid who turns out to be a revolutionary who has lured Napoleon there, and thinks Kyle and Larry are her accomplices.  As Marie flirts with Kyle - and Larry loses interest in his "mission" - Paulette takes advantage of the confusion to fatally stab Napoleon, changing the course of history.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (10/8/16)

SUMMARY: In the present, Kyle and his wife Amanda do the dishes and complain about their day jobs - until Amanda suddenly starts talking about "pommes frites" for no reason. This rouses Kyle from a reverie - it was just a memory - and he finds himself back in Revolutionary France with Napoleon dying at his feet, sobbing about the pommes frites he ate that are now flowing out of his stabbed guts. Pauline returns to finish the job, still under the impression that Kyle and Larry are assassins... albeit incompetent ones. They return to the present with a plan: get Larry's no-good friend Baxter, who is French Canadian, to come back in time with them to impersonate Napoleon. He agrees, thinking this is going to just be a two-week gig, and Larry and Kyle abandon him in France (with Paulette tagging along)... where the factory workers discover Kyle's warning to Amanda he had placed in the clock and, nonplussed, throw it away. Meanwhile, Kyle, Larry and Paulette arrive in 1865, where a man asks if they are the "Virginia boys." He is the actor John Wilkes Booth... and he wants them to help him prepare for the role of a lifetime.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE THREE (10/15/16)

SUMMARY: Peter and Larry become part of John Wilkes Booth's conspiracy, while Paulette easily adopts a Virginia accent and plays everybody off of one another... and Larry makes plans to attempt to sleep with Mary Todd Lincoln. Booth reveals his plan does NOT involve killing President Lincoln... though the rest of his conspirators don't know that. Things get really odd when an axe-wielding Lincoln arrives - clearly in cahoots with Booth - and says the plan is to fake his death, install Booth as President... and kill Mary Todd Lincoln.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE FOUR (10/22/16)

SUMMARY: Booth impersonates Lincoln at the Ford Theatre, but ends up shot in the head by the crazed Mary Todd Lincoln. Ryan leaps to the stage and pretends that he's the one who just shot Lincoln, and Mary Todd Lincoln shoots him in the ankle as he flees the Ford. He shouted "Semper Fi, bitches," but Paulette tells the audience he said "Sic Semper Tyrranus." Meanwhile, attempts by Booth's flunkies to kill Vice President Johnson and Secretary Steward fail. An enraged Lincoln attempts to kill his co-conspirators, but Ryan shoots him. Later, Kyle and the wounded Ryan hide in a boarding house - just as Booth did before he was caught - and Kyle, seeing no other choice to keep the timeline intact, shoots Ryan. He then confronts Paulette, who is not who she has pretended to be - he catches her calling the time machine "ancient" - and demands to know why she's trying to destroy time.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE FIVE (10/29/16)

SUMMARY: Paulette claims not to be a monster, but it turns off she cut off Larry's arm to enter the Chronosphere - it only operates with his DNA. However, Kyle has done the same, and Paulette suggests they go to the future to clone a new Larry. At a space station in the far future, several technicians see the impending arrival of a time machine - and the ladies are extremely aroused to learn that Kyle is on board. Upon their arrival, they hit on him relentlessly. Paulette, whose life signs were not picked up by their scans, pretends to be a robot. Kyle learns that despite his efforts, his wife still died, though the women lie to him and say there's still a chance he can change the past; they also inform him that time travel has been made illegal, and this space station was built to pull time machines off-course, where they will be destroyed. Also, all males these days are clones who have no genitals, explaining their extreme attraction to Kyle. Meanwhile, Paulette has been taken to a robot charging station, and kills the technician who took her there. Elsewhere, the women are going to re-create Larry's memories for his clone from his internet history, but when they see all the awful stuff in there, they decide to start from scratch. However, the Larry clone looks nothing like him, and is a faceless, mindless beast that attacks Kyle...

Photos by Mandi Moss


SUMMARY: Sometime later (earlier? it's hard to tell with time travel): Kyle and Larry are stranded in Ancient Rome, where Mark Antony asks them to protect Julius Caesar from Brutus. Things become complicated, however, when Caesar turns out to be Cleopatra in disguise; she's been pretending to be Caesar since Caesar recently died of an illness. But now she feels it's time to shed the disguise, and declare herself the new Empress of Rome ? a switcheroo orchestrated by Paulette. Larry, for his part, is upset when Cleopatra is romantically interested in Kyle and not him. But there?s no time for this bickering ? Brutus has arrived.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


SUMMARY: Larry has been stabbed by Brutus and carried to a not-so-secret room to recovery; his crime was apparently holding out on a lead-pipe-based water system for Rome. Brutus arrives and stabs him some more, wanting that lead-pipe system. Mark Antony has a plan to avenge Larry by having lots of sex with Cleopatra, which... doesn't really seem to have much to do with Larry. Cleopatra says her real love is Kyle. Kyle nearly gives in to Cleo, finally about to give up on his time-twisted attempts to save his wife from dying, but Paulette suddenly furnishes him with the piece he needs to fix the time machine. However, before he can leave, Cleopatra saddles Kyle and Larry with taking care of young Octavian, who doesn't understand why nobody wants to play with him... and whose previous guardians have all died. But before they can even begin to figure out how to deal with taking care of him, FDR arrives, having tracked Kyle and Larry through time... to kill them.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


SUMMARY: Kyle and Larry wake up in Egypt, far from the chronosphere, which is still in Rome. FDR finds them; it turns out that the reason for his grudge is that when they visited his time period, Larry cured his polio... but then Kyle gave him polio again to preserve the timestream. He's arrived in another chronosphere... it turns out that Larry's dad built more than one. Cleopatra enters with a ray gun, and says there's going to be a chariot race, and the winner will rule Egypt and Rome. Octavian chooses Kyle to race against Mark Antony. Pauline, disguised as Mark Antony's servant "Shauna," says that time is not a straight line. Larry, boasting that he will not be the ruler, zaps her... and also zaps Kyle, in revenge for Kyle killing him many episodes ago. Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Larry and FDR compete in the chariot race (and for some reason FDR's chariot is pulled not by a horse, but by a recalcitrant bear), but it is interrupted when another Larry arrives, breaking Kyle's "stupid" rule about there never being two Kyles or two Larrys. And this new Larry says he's here to save the timestream.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


Peter Fluet

Kyle (Eps. 1-8)

Ryan Gowland

Larry (Eps. 1-4 & 6-8)

Chris Alvarado

Jaques (Ep. 1)
(Ep. 5)

JJ Mayes

Pierre (Eps. 1-2)
Bear (Ep. 8)

Jamie Fluet

Michelle (Eps. 1-2)
Mary (Eps. 3-4)

Brandon Barrick

Napoleon (Eps. 1-2)
Lewis (Ep. 3)
(Eps. 6-7)
FDR (Ep. 7)

Jean Black

Paulette (Eps. 1-8)

Rebecca Larsen

Marie Antoinette (Eps. 1-2)
Julius Caesar / Cleopatra (Ep. 6)
Cleopatra (Eps. 7-8)

Matt Valle

Baxter (Ep. 2)

Carrie Keranen

Amanda (Ep. 2)

Colin Willkie

Computer (Ep. 2)
Seward's Son
(Ep. 4)

Michael Shaw Fisher

John Wilkes Booth (Eps. 2-4)
Mark Antony (Eps. 6-8)

Dustin Sterling

George (Eps. 3-4)

Eric Curtis Johnson

Abraham Lincoln (Eps. 3-4)

Stephen Simon

Lewis (Ep. 4)

Leon Russom

Secretary Seward (Ep. 4)

Heather Schmidt

Seward's Daughter (Ep. 4)

Bryan Bellomo

Vice President Johnson (Ep. 4)

Julia Griswold

Nancy (Ep. 5)

Heather Schmidt

Drew (Ep. 5)

Amanda Blake Davis

Gwen (Ep. 5)

Aaron Mendelson

Clone Larry (Ep. 5)

Heather Schmidt

Octavian (Eps. 7-8)

Joe Fria

FDR (Ep. 8)

Colin Willkie, Tim Kopacz & Eric Giancoli

Horses (Ep. 8)