Welcome to Sacred Fools Theater Company, est. 1997

by Vince Balzano & Jon Tosetti
directed by Jon Tosetti

What do you do after you've already won?
You try to lose.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (2/4/17)

SUMMARY: The hero Agithorpe and his sidekick Sarah (who he keeps calling "Steve," much to her frustration) defeat the tyrant Lord Feros. However, Feros seems strangely happy to be defeated and exiled. Six months later, Agithorpe realizes why: running a country is hard work. But he can't just quit, or everything will fall apart. So he convinces a reluctant Sarah to help him become as hated as Feros was so the people will rise up and overthrow him.

Photos by Aaron Francis


Rudy Solis

Agithorpe (Ep. 1)

Kate Bergeron

Sarah (Ep. 1)

Ian Fahey

Lord Feros (Ep. 1)

Jon Tosetti

Peasant (Ep. 1)

Vince Balzano

Narrator (Ep. 1)