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written by Victor Sica
directed by Shaela Cook
fight choreography by Mike Mahaffey

Time for a reckoning!

2 Episodes
10/29/16 - 11/5/16

EPISODE ONE (10/29/16)

SUMMARY: It is the late 1800s, and in the stately home of Jefferson and Constance, a card game is going on amongst Jefferson and his friends in advance of a large dinner party. The men boisterously denigrate Mildred, the African American servant, while making racist comments about how much better things were when the servants were slaves. They also humiliate Constance, making her twirl to show off her dress. Though Mildred fumes quietly, Constance is having a much harder time controlling herself as the men make ever more racist and sexist comments, denigrating suffragists, the Emancipation Proclamation, and much more. Finally, Constance can take no more and snaps, murdering all the men with a butcher's knife in an explosion of gleeful fury. When Mildred sees what Constance has done, she's quietly shocked, but, seeing the crazed gleam in Constance's eyes, contains herself... and agrees to set about cleaning up the bodies and making the place ready for the impending dinner guests.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE TWO (11/5/16)

SUMMARY: Mildred is having a hard time sawing Jefferson's leg off so she can cut him up and feed him to the pigs, per Constance's orders. She's horrified when Jefferson wakes up, not yet quite dead... and even more horrified at herself when, panicking, she quickly smothers him to death. Soon, Mildred and Constance are welcoming the first party guests - including Jefferson's mother, Hortense, who is just as awful as her son. When she insists on seeing Jefferson, Constance gleefully sends her out back to the pig sty, where Hortense shrieks in horror at the grisly sight of her son's remains... while Constance tells Mildred it's time to flee.

Photos by Mandi Moss


Libby Baker

Constance (Eps. 1-2)

Rodnesha Green

Mildred (Eps. 1-2)

Tyler Stilwill

Jefferson (Ep. 1)

Peter Fluet

Jefferson (Ep. 2)

Mike Mahaffey

Perkins (Ep. 1)

Chris Alvarado

Radley (Ep. 1)

Rob Lecrone

Mercer (Ep. 1)

Rachel Wecht

Hortense (Ep. 2)

JJ Mayes

Stevens (Ep. 2)

Jaime Andrews, Cj Merriman & Angela Sauer

Party Guests (Ep. 2)