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written by Julia Albright
directed by Aaron Francis

No direction, aim or stability.

1 Episode

Episode One (12/9/17)

Summary: Jake and Kaitlin are adrift on a boat, and Jake is working the more cynical Kaitlin's last nerve. They realize from the cycles of the moon that they've been adrift for at least a month and a half, and Jake declares that it must be Christmas by now. Kaitlin isn't having it, and is even less in the Christmas spirit when her fishing rod goes overboard, meaning they're going to run out of food soon. Jake, however, wants to give Kaitlin a present, and when he finally presents it to her, it's a complete set of "Die Hard" films on DVD in a Nakatomi Tower case. Kaitlin smiles, but only for a moment; then she's annoyed that he's clearly been planning this since before they boarded. And she's upset because you only give gifts to a certain kind of person. Before she can complete the thought, the boat lurches; they've hit land. Jake is excited for an adventure, but Kaitlin says she sees nothing but beach out there...


Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


Jacob Barnes Jake (Ep. 1)
Kaitlin Ruby Kaitlin (Ep. 1)