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written & directed by Jenelle Riley

There's something different about the new guy.

1 Episode

Episode One (3/10/18)

Summary: Jeremy is the only employee at the company where he works who doesn't have a beard, and he faces bigotry at every turn. Even the women at this company take hormones so they can grow beards - though Kelly has only managed to grow a goatee. Kelly is the only one who isn't repulsed by Jeremy's babyface beardless state. At a pitch meeting, those with beards can pretty much say any nonsense and gain acceptance and approval. But Jeremy's pitch, which involves both growing the company's profits and saving the world, is ignored because everybody is distracted by his clean-shaven face. When told that to advance in the company, he'll have to grow a beard, Kelly tells him to stay true to himself, but Jeremy decides he'll give growing a beard a go. But after the meeting, Tom comes up to him and reveals that his own beard is fake - and says that he and Jerry can take down this company from the inside.


Photos by Luis Chandia


Troy Vincent Jeremy (Ep. 1)
Troy Blendell Mark (Ep. 1)
Mike Lanahan Hank (Ep. 1)
Peter Fluet Pete (Ep. 1)
JJ Mayes Tom (Ep. 1)
Paul Plunkett Julius (Ep. 1)
Emily Clark Cameron (Ep. 1)
Lauren Van Kurin Kelly (Ep. 1)