Black James Bond

written & directed by Derek Jeremiah Reid

Nobody does it better than Billy Dee Williams playing the world's greatest spy, Black James Bond.

2 Episodes
1/20/18 - 1/27/18

Episode One (1/20/18)

Summary: Black James Bond - the super-spy who prefers Colt 45 to martinis of any sort - defeats his nemesis, Honkeyfinger, after seducing his accomplice, Anita Strongblackman. However, Honkeyfinger escapes. Black James Bond is then sent by his boss, M, on a mission to take down evil candymaker Billy Bonkers. In disguise at the chocolate factory as scientist Black John Smith, he meets food scientist Dr. Cinnabunz Goodlovin'. Bonkers introduces his henchman, the psychotic Mister Eli, who is willing to do absolutely anything Bonkers tells him to. And Bonkers announces that there's a spy in their midst - Dr. Goodlovin', who is, in reality, the Russian spy Natasha Badenov! As she battles Bonkers and Eli, Black James Bond sheds his disguise as well. However, both are overpowered and captured - and, it transpires, Bonkers is in league with Honkeyfinger.



Photos by Jax Ball

Episode Two (1/27/18)

Summary: Black James Bond makes one last request - to drink a Colt 45 - so Honkeyfinger unties him. This, of course, doesn't go well for him, and he is defeated, though he escapes. After a bedroom interlude with Ms. Badenov, the secret agent is called into action again to fight the evil Platypussy, whose theme song is just the word "Platypussy" over and over. He and Badenov are assisted by the arrival of Asian James Bond, who makes short work of Platypussy.


Photos by Scott Golden


Derek Jeremiah Reid Billy Dee Williams (Eps. 1-2)
Meitar Paz Dr. Cinnabunz Goodlovin / Natasha Badenov (Eps. 1-2)
Brent Pope Billy Bonkers (Ep. 1)
Asian James Bond (Ep. 2)
Ahmed Hassan Mister Eli (Eps. 1-2)
Tommy Bechtold Honkeyfinger (Eps. 1-2)
Josephine Hies Anita Strongblackman (Ep. 1)
Platypussy (Ep. 2)
Reale Kgobokoe M (Ep. 1)
White Ninja (Ep. 2)
Miho Fuji Shirley Bassey (Eps. 1-2)