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Burbank P.D.

written by Aaron Francis
directed by Bryan Bellomo
Theme Song by Richard Levinson & Michael Teoli
Sung by Lauren Teoli

Here to help.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/14/17)

Summary: When dispatch calls for Burbank P.D. officers Carmen and Jett, they're on the case. They quickly put a stop to some accidental littering, making Kaitlin, whose backpack has come unzipped, pick up every single sheet of paper that has fallen out. Thanks, Burbank P.D.!


Photos by Nathan Wellman


Diana Saucedo

Carmen (Ep. 1)

Kaitlin Ruby

Kaitlin (Ep. 1)

Isaiah Howard

Jett (Ep. 1)

Sarah Yannie

Dispatch (Ep. 1)