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Chateau de Coq

written by Tim Kopacz
directed by Travis Snyder-Eaton

What's behind door number 11?

1 Episode

Episode One (1/27/18)

Summary: At the Hotel de Coq, young Randy dreams of running his own hotel, but for now he's at the service of his father, the concierge. When wealthy couple Mr. and Mrs. A arrive, the concierge boots Randy from the room after Randy blurts out that his father said the couple are "made of money." After an interruption from Nasty Ned, a disreputable youth who says he's just seen a fortune teller, the wealthy couple tell the concierge that they want to see Room 11. The concierge feigns ignorance at first, but when they insist, he takes them to the door, warning them that they may not be prepared for what lies within. Meanwhile, Randy meets a woman he takes for a party clown, but it turns out she just likes to dress that way. She is, in fact, the fortune teller Nasty Ned was speaking of, and she makes a prediction about Randy's future...


Photos by Scott Golden


Nathan Wellman Randy (Ep. 1)
Bruno Oliver Concierge (Ep. 1)
Curt Bonnem Mr. A (Ep. 1)
Jaime Andrews Mrs. A (Ep. 1)
Austin Kress Nasty Ned (Ep. 1)
Heather Schmidt Fortune Teller (Ep. 1)