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A Christmas Carol 2017

written & directed by Joe Jordan

Bah, humbug! Sad!

1 Episode

Episode One (11/18/17)

Summary: "Roger Ailes was dead to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that." This version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol casts Trump as Scrooge, a much nicer than reality Secretary Sanders as Bob Cratchit, and Ben Carson and Alex Acosta as among those looking for a handout from Scrooge Trump, hoping to fund a Kickstarter for those in need because of the government subsidies they themselves have removed.


Photos by Jax Ball


Carrie Keranen Narrator (Ep. 1)
Brian Wallis Secretary Acosta (Ep. 1)
Bart Tangredi Trump (Ep. 1)
Victor Isaac Secretary Carson (Ep. 1)
Perry Daniel Secretary Sanders (Ep. 1)
Colin Willkie Fred (Ep. 1)
Joe Jordan Secret Service (Ep. 1)