Emu Wars

written by Travis Snyder-Eaton
directed by Bryan Bellomo

Based on the true story of man vs. bird.

Next Time: Episode 4
Began 11/18/17

Episode One (11/18/17)

Summary: Australia, 1932. The Emus - who prove far more agile and wily than previously known - begin murdering farmers and taking them hostage. They form a terrorist group, ESWA (Emus of SouthWestern Australia) and declare that all the farmland now belongs to them. And so a General from the United States army - a man who, due to a childhood trauma, believes that all birds are evil - declares that the Emu War has begun. Desperate for soldiers, he takes on new recruits Casey and Zach. Casey is itching for animals to kill, and was just barely able to take one of the Emus out when attacked.



Photos by Jax Ball

Episode Two (12/2/17)

Summary: While the General prepares a crack team of mercenaries to take out the Emus, Casey and Zach interrogate a captured emu, but fail to get any information out of it. The General decides they'll better serve the cause on the janitorial staff cleaning toilets, and assigns the Australian Sarge to take over the interrogation. Meanwhile, yet another farmer is set upon by a mob of emus.


Photos by Nathan Wellman

Episode Three (12/9/17)

Summary: Sarge who turns out to be an American who is an "expert" on Australia, and is faking his Australian accent continues to interrogate the captured emu. Meanwhile, the team of mercenaries The Infamous Assholes, led by one-eyed Tex, whose missing eye was taken by an emu invades the emus' stronghold and demands to know where the hostages are. When they won't answer, Tex takes revenge and removes the eye of one of the emus. Meanwhile, Casey and Zach are frustrated with their demotion. And Zach, feeling bad for the captured emu, gets Casey to help him release the emu and help guide it to freedom...


Photos by Colin Willkie


Cj Merriman Casey (Eps. 1-3)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Zach (Eps. 1-3)
Rowan Hall Dancing Emu (Ep. 1)
Captured Emu (Ep. 2)
Teresa Beardsley Captured Emu (Ep. 3)
Rob Lecrone Farmer (Ep. 1)
Tim Kopacz Sarge (Eps. 1-3)
Scott Leggett General (Eps. 1-3)
Kristyn Evelyn ESWA Emu 1 (Eps. 1-3)
Lana Rae Jarvis ESWA Emu 2 (Ep. 1)
Eileen Chase ESWA Emu 2 (Ep. 2)
Colin Willkie Farmer (Ep. 2)
Will McMichael The Asshole / Tex (Eps. 2-3)
David Mayes The Silence (Ep. 2)
Michael Candelet The Mouth (Ep. 2)
Bo Powell The Little Man (Ep. 2)
Austin Kress The Spaz (Eps. 2-3)
Bryan Krasner The Bear (Eps. 2-3)
Demetris Hartman The Face (Eps. 2-3)
Alon Dina Jerry (Eps. 2-3)
Jefferson Reid Ghost (Ep. 3)