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Hair Metal Expanded Universe

written by Jeff Scot Carey
directed by JJ Mayes

Some heroes are just a head of shreddin’ hair.

1 Episode

Episode One (2/17/18)

Summary: Little Stacey Ann and her father, Tommy, are going through a rough patch in their lives. Tommy is a huge fan of hair metal bands of the 80s, and all his bedtime stories for Stacey Ann are about them, though she really couldn't care less about her dad's music obsessions. One night, after Stacey Ann has been tucked into bed, she makes a wish on her Wonder Woman and Black Panther dolls for some adventure and excitement... and suddenly, she is visited by Diamond Dave himself, accompanied by Slash. Soon, The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar joins them as well, much to Diamond Dave's chagrin. They all live in Hair Metal Haven, which is under threat because the kids of the world no longer have hair metal in their hearts, so these aging rockers will soon fade away. They convince Stacey Ann to come with them on a mission to keep hair metal alive.


Photos by Aaron Francis


Heather Roberts Stacey Ann (Ep. 1)
Scott Golden Tommy (Ep. 1)
Emily Clark Diamond Dave (Ep. 1)
Cj Merriman Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker) (Ep. 1)
Jeff Scot Carey Slash (Guitar Riffs Only) (Ep. 1)
Colin Willkie Roadie (Ep. 1)