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Ill Humors

written by Katie Eiler
directed by Bo Powell

Plague, devastation, and the true meaning of friendship.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/14/17)

Summary: As the Black Plague ravages Europe, young Anfos, a jester, is the last survivor of her household, and she is initially terrified by the arrival of Cayetano, a plague doctor. She is certain she is about to die as well, and doesn't believe Cayetano when she tells her that she's fine; even if she's okay now, she's still certain the plague will take her soon, as swiftly and suddenly as it has taken everyone else. Now without a profession and certain her end will come soon anyway, she begs Cayetano to allow her to travel with him as an assistant so she won't have to spend her final days alone. Cayetano resists, but is ultimately worn down, and says she can travel with her at least as far as the next town in exchange for Anfos fetching firewood.


Photos by Nathan Wellman


Jax Ball

Anfos (Ep. 1)

Marian Gonzalez

Cayetano (Ep. 1)

Travis Snyder-Eaton & Jessie Bias

Bodies (Ep. 1)