Jordan Maverick, History Teacher

written by Ryan Gowland
directed by JJ Mayes

There's a new teacher in town. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.

Next Time: Episode 3
Began 3/10/18

Episode One (3/10/18)

Summary: Jordan Maverick is a pistol-packing cop teacher who prevents a school shooting by shooting the attacker dead. Soon, his captain principal tells him he's being transferred to another precinct district over-run with crime where they need his skills. En route, on the plane, he meets fellow educator Virginia Pitts, who recognizes him as a teacher due to his standard school issue handgun; like all teachers, she's also packing. However, the two get into an argument - he believes that women dont' belong in the male-dominated field of teaching - and they both leave the plane hoping to never seen one another again. When Jordan reports to his new principal, he says he works alone - a policy he's held ever since his first day on the job, when his TA got shot dead. But the principal tells him he's got no choice, and introduces him to his new partner... Virginia.



Photos by Luis Chandia

Episode Two (3/17/18)

Summary: Maverick and Pitts soon prove to be an explosive combination, constantly fighting while dealing with school shootings. And yet there's a spark between them... but Virginia says she'll never love again... not since her old partner and love, Derek, was kidnapped during a vacation in Paris. When Gerry, the principal's nice-guy right-hand man turns up dead of an axe wound at the school dance - and the principal announces that government inspectors are coming to inspect the school today - the volatile pair are going to have to put aside their differences to solve the case and keep the school open.


Peter Fluet Jordan (Eps. 1-2)
Ryan Gowland Chief / Supervisor (Eps. 1-2)
Rebecca Larsen Virginia Pitts (Ep. 1)
Carrie Keranen Virginia Pitts (Ep. 2)
Erin Matthews Flight Attendant (Ep. 1)
Arnie Pantoja Pablo (Ep. 1)
JJ Mayes Janitor (Ep. 1)
Gerry (Ep. 2)
Madeleine Heil Natalie (Ep. 2)
Andrew Hawtrey Derek (Ep. 2)