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L'Espion (The Spy)

written by Richard Levinson
directed by Marz Richards (ep. 1)
directed by Richard Levinson (ep. 2)
directed by Richard Levinson & Colin Willkie (ep. 3)

Ca lui est egal. (He doesn’t care.)

Next Time: Episode 3
Original Run: 1 ep, 2/24/18
Playoffs Run: 2 eps, 4/14/18-4/21/18

Episode One (2/24/18)

Summary: The Spy is a cool, relaxed sort who can casually kill a horde of attacking assassins while surrounded by dancing beauties and carrying on a vague conversation with a beautiful, mysterious woman. And that's what he does.


Photos by Ari Radousky

Episode Two (4/14/18) - Playoffs Round 1!


Summary: The Spy, feeling ennui, goes to a suicide prevention center, where the chipper woman working there doesn't really seem to understand the depths of his despair and is more intent on ordering a pizza, no anchovies. The Spy explains he is weary of his life of casual murder and meaningless flings with beautiful women. But he is snapped out of his reverie by the arrival of the pizza man, who he shoots dead. You see, The Spy sees all - and he knows that the pizza has anchovies. Poison anchovies.


Photos by Sierra Taylor

Episode Three (4/21/18) - Playoffs Round 2!

Summary: Two film critics host a retrospective on the "L'Espion" film series; one of them thinks the series is just good fun, while the other critiques it for embracing casual murder, misogyny and quasi-fascistic politics. They talk about how the franchise had to recast its lead with each film, then present a clip from the surreal and psychedelic third film in the series, made in the late 1960s, in which The Spy is disguised as a mime who massacres a group of go-go dancers with a gun disguised as a loaf of French bread..


Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


"L'Espion" (Eps. 1 & 2) and "A Go-Go Royale" (Ep. 1)
written/produced by Richard Levinson & Joel Wachbrit
Vocals by Richard Levinson & Rebecca Larsen
"Mes Go-Go Bottes" (Ep. 3)
by Richard Levinson & Joel Wachbrit
sung by Lola Ohlala
Marz Richards L'Espion (The Spy) (Ep. 1)
Michael Lanahan L'Espion (The Spy) (Ep. 2)
Rebecca Larsen Mystery Woman (Ep. 1)
Adriana Colón Mystery Woman (Ep. 2)
Film Critic Crinkly (Ep. 3)
Will McMichael Assassin (Ep. 1)
Monica Greene Dancer / Assassin (Ep. 1)
Jaime Lyn Beatty Dancer / Assassin (Ep. 1)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Dancer / Assassin (Ep. 1)
Pizza Man (Ep. 2)
Heather Schmidt Suicide Prevention Woman (Ep. 2)
Eric Curtis Johnson Film Critic Dank (Ep. 3)
Colin Willkie The Mime (Ep. 3)
Monica Greene Go-Go Dancer (Ep. 3)
Cj Merriman Go-Go Dancer (Ep. 3)
Erin Matthews Go-Go Dancer (Ep. 3)
Jim Nieb Go-Go Dancer (Ep. 3)
Choreography: Cj Merriman (Ep. 1)
Choreography: Monica Greene (Ep. 3)