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Mimsy: The Phonograph

written by Samuel Capaldi
directed by Curt Bonnem

We have all the time in the world.

2 Episodes
10/14/17 - 10/21/17

Episode One (10/14/17)

Summary: It's 1923 and carefree flapper Mimsy has been partying with some notorious mobsters. The charming Davies, who claims to be a bootlegger, is trying to get information from Mimsy about the whereabouts of some stolen gold bars, and seems oddly confident that the mobsters are about to be arrested and sent to jail - which would leave the location of their stolen goods a mystery. Davies' patter has Mimsy half-convinced that she can see the future... but it's really Davies who has already seen the future... because that's where he's secretly from.



Photos by Nathan Wellman

Episode Two (10/21/17)

Summary: Davies' cover is nearly blown when Mimsy insists on spending the evening at the fancy hotel he claims to be staying at which he has to make a mental note to use time travel to book a room at. But before he can act on this, he runs into a tough character, armed with a gun, who tells him that Mimsy is his girl and he should back off. The two get into a scuffle, and Davies just barely manages to freeze time in order to take Edwin's gun and turn the tables on him. When Mimsy returns, Davies learns that the fellow is gangster Edwin Galveston... and uses his future knowledge to try to form a pact with the gangster so he can find the gold. It works for now but Mimsy wants to know how on earth Davies got the gun away from Galveston...


Photos by Jax Ball


Chantelle Albers Mimsy (Eps. 1-2)
Timothy Kopacz Davies (Eps. 1-2)
Curt Bonnem Omni Man (Ep. 1)
Isaac Deakyne Edwin Galveston (Ep. 2)