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New Wave

written by Jeff Dinnell
directed by Scott Golden

What will be will be.

1 Episode

Episode One (3/3/18)

Summary: Kevin's allegedly straight friend Cam comforts him as he prepares for the funeral of his boyfriend, James. James died during a tsunami in Tahiti, but the body was never found. At the funeral, Kevin upsets everyone when he agrees with his sister, Sara, that it's possible that James isn't really dead. Suddenly, Kevin finds himself five years in the future. To his bewilderment, he's dating Cam, his drunken and offensive father Peter is long dead... and James is very much alive and single.


Photos by Cole Wagner


Lucas Alifano Kevin (Ep. 1)
Jeff Scot Carey Cam (Ep. 1)
Pat Towne Peter (Ep. 1)
Emily Clark Maggie (Ep. 1)
Heather Roberts Sara (Ep. 1)
Mike Mullen James (Ep. 1)