Oh, Lorraine!

written by Peter Fluet
directed by Victor Isaac

It's a struggle to keep your first date from being your last.

Next Time: Episode 4
Original Run: 1 ep, 3/24/18
Playoffs Run began 4/7/18

Episode One (3/24/18)

Summary: Del and Lorraine are on a first date, and Lorraine is talking a mile a minute, too nervous to let him get a word in edgewise. Everyone at the restaurant, it turns out, are terrified of Del - his nickname is "The Butcher of 13th Street." Lorraine also has an unflattering nickname - "Insane Lorraine." Though hers isn't because of accusations of mob-related murders like his is. And after he tells her that, he begins berating himself for being so stupid and ruining the date. But Lorraine sticks around. Moments later, a gunman bursts in, gunning for Del...



Photos by Andrew Joseph Perez

Episode Two (4/7/18) - Playoffs Round 1!

Summary: As the gunman advances, Del scoops up the waitress as he produces a gun and kills the gunman. He then presses the gun into the shell-shocked waitress' hand and tells everyone she killed the gunman and saved everybody; she's too stunned and scared to contradict him. Del and Lorraine leave in a Lyft. The friendly Lyft driver is terrified as Del confesses to Lorraine that he did in fact kill the gunman and has killed a lot of people and that's why he's called the Butcher of 13th Street. And Lorraine... is relieved. She confesses that she has some murders in her past, too. And then suddenly a car, the driver intent on killing Del, cuts them off rams into them...


Photos by Andrew Joseph Perez

Episode Three (4/21/18) - Playoffs Round 2!

Summary: Del has dispatched with the driver who tried to ram him and stolen his car. He and Lorraine continue on their date - with Chris, their Lyft driver, in tow. They arrive at a bowling alley and invite the nervous Chris to join them. Del tells Chris he can either get the cops involved and end up in a car trunk, or join them for a fun night and having his car replaced. Del even arranges a double-date by hiring Tiffany, a woman he knows, to join them. As Chris finally begins to relax, a man enters, demanding to have things out with Del...


Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


Carrie Keranen Lorraine (Eps. 1-3)
Peter Fluet Del (Eps. 1-3)
Richard Levinson Piano Player (Ep. 1)
Julia Griswold Waitress (Eps. 1-2)
Tiffany (Ep. 3)
Ryan Gowland Gunman (Ep. 1)
Lyft Driver (Ep. 2)
Chris (Ep. 3)
JJ Mayes Gunman (Ep. 2)
Mobster (Ep. 3)
Scott Golden Waiter (Ep. 2)
Tim (Ep. 3)
Tim Kopacz Manager (Ep. 2)
Andrew Hawtrey Kris (Ep. 3)