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Robot Bastard

written & directed by Scott Golden

Robots are people too. Horrible, horrible people.

1 Episode

Episode One (2/24/18)

Summary: In a world populated by robotic "synth" people, Annabelle has her friend Claire, who is married to the influential BOT18-9941, set up a dinner party to help the employment prospects of her husband, Harold - a coder who has married up, as Annabelle is one model newer than he is. BOT18-9941, who has traded some of his personality chips for more RAM, is skeptical at first, and is extremely classist. But when he learns that Harold and Annabelle have actual humans as servants and pets - poor Russell lost his drive after being neutered, but Honey is bright and clever and has learned some commands in binary - BOT18-9941 agrees to set up Harold with a cushy new job, so long as he's willing to give up some of Honey's pups when she's bred.


Photos by Ari Radousky


Libby Baker Annabelle (Ep. 1)
Bruno Oliver BOT18-9941 (Ep. 1)
Rebecca Larsen Claire (Ep. 1)
Eric Curtis Johnson Harold (Ep. 1)
Bryan Krasner Russell (Ep. 1)
Sarah Zuk Honey (Ep. 1)