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The Seven Lively Sins

written & directed by Michael Russnow

Because sins are not always deadly.

1 Episode

Episode One (12/9/17)

Summary: Igora is in love with Victor Frankenstein, but his affections lie only with his monster. The attempt to bring the male and female monsters to life, but it doesn't seem to work until Victor and Igora start insulting each other. So they keep insulting each other to keep the monsters alive... but the monsters strangle them to death. It turns out that in life, the monsters had dated, but the female monster is no longer interested in the male monster, whose body is now a patchwork. As they insult each other, it brings Victor and Igora back to life. Not knowing what else to do with their situation, the male monster declares that they should all take a trip to Vegas.


Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


Michael Russnow Victor (Ep. 1)
Katheryne Win Igora (Ep. 1)
Torie Tyson Female Monster (Ep. 1)
Michael Beardsley Male Monster (Ep. 1)