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Soccer Dads

written & directed by JJ Mayes & Colin Willkie

You canít play the beautiful game without vans and orange slices.

2 Episodes
Original Run: 1 ep, 2/17/18
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 4/7/18

Episode One (2/17/18)

Summary: A group of soccer dads - and one very aggressive soccer mom, Becky - watch their kids play, obsessed with their kids being winners. Becky's husband Brad is the coach, and he's the only one who just wants to see the kids have fun. The others berate Joe for forgetting to bring the orange slices. When another group of parents drunkenly pass by, denigrating the others' kids for being losers, our... heroes?... swear they're going to make winners of their kids.


Photos by Aaron Francis

Episode Two (4/7/18) - Playoffs Round 1!

Summary: The soccer parents berate Brad for teaching the kids about fun and teamwork; they just want to WIN. The group of soccer parents of the kids on the other team show up, and Larry (who owns the second-best furniture store in town) and Mark (who owns the best furniture store in town) get into an argument when Larry calls out Mark for inheriting his furniture store from his dad; Larry built up his from nothing. The two sets of parents fight each other viciously; nobody's going to be leaning much about teamwork today.


Photos by Andrew Joseph Perez


Carrie Keranen Becky (Eps. 1-2)
JJ Mayes Larry (Eps. 1-2)
Colin Willkie RJ (Eps. 1-2)
Matt McVay Joe (Ep. 1)
Bryan Bellomo Joe (Ep. 2)
Scott Golden Brad (Eps. 1-2)
Jai Pellerin Mark (Ep. 1)
Rick Steadman Mark (Ep. 2)
Michael Shaw Fisher Tucker (Eps. 1-2)
Monica Greene Stacey (Ep. 1)
Alli Miller Stacey (Ep. 2)
Victor Isaac Chris (Ep. 2)