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Tales From the Wood

written by David Wappel
directed by JJ Mayes & Colin Willkie

A story that simply starts, "Once upon a time."

1 Episode

Episode One (2/10/18)

Summary: A narrator attempts to tell a story, despite interruptions from his recalcitrant characters. A knight is on a quest to rescue a maiden from a dragon; the dragon's brood had eaten his wife, and he has sworn revenge. Which he goes on about at length, constantly cutting the narrator off. The maiden tells the narrator there had better not be any marriage in this story. The squire is new, and frequently in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the knight goes to battle the dragon, the squire is late bringing the knight his spear (he couldn't find it on the prop table)... so the knight is slain, and the squire must drive off the dragon. Afterwards, there is a spark between the squire and the maiden, and the maiden tells the narrator there can be a marriage in the story after all...


Photos by Nathan Wellman


Colin Willkie The Knight (Ep. 1)
Elisabeth Hower The Maiden (Ep. 1)
Andrew Blackwood The Squire (Ep. 1)
JJ Mayes The Narrator (Ep. 1)