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The Companions

written by Annette Fasone
directed by JJ Mayes

Sometimes the voice you hear isn't the voice you listen to.

3 Episodes
Original Run: 2 eps, 3/17/18 - 3/24/18
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 4/7/18

Episode One (3/17/18)

Summary: Jill is a despondent young woman who is contemplating jumping off a bridge - but Beth, the negative voice in her head - the constant companion she's lived with all her life that only Jill can see or hear - tells her all the ways she'd just fuck it up. When Jake comes along, Jill is stunned that Jake can see Beth. Jake tells Jill he can help her - he can make Beth stop. Beth tells Jill that if Jake gets rid of her, Jill will be alone. But Jake promises she won't have to be alone. Jill agrees to trust the stranger... and Jake somehow manages to render a protesting Beth unconscious. Meanwhile, on another plane, Demon 1745 detects unauthorized use of magic in sector 0234, so she sends Demon 0234 to investigate. Back on Earth, Jake introduces Jill to his own Companion, the incredibly positive and supportive Kyle, whose compliments overwhelm Jill. Jake says his Companion used to be just as negative as Jill's, but he managed to change that, and Jill can, too. But before they can continue the conversation, they're interrupted by a passerby... Demon 1745, disguised as a helpful human.


Episode Two (3/24/18)

Summary: Demon 0234 leaves when Jill tells him that Jake isn't bothering him. Beth awakens and tries hard to get Jill to leave, but ultimately, she realizes she has no choice but to go with Jake - now that she's met him, demons know where they are and are after both of them. Meanwhile, Demon 1735 berates Demon 0234 for not stopping them. 0234 says there was nothing he could do; they'd both be in trouble if he was caught using his powers on the Earthly plane. So 1735 menacingly tells him not to get caught. In the meantime, Jake takes Jill - Beth and Kyle in tow - on the subway... and he suddenly has them jump off in transit. This transports them somewhere else, where they're greeted by Aurora, who addresses Jake as her love.


Photos by Andrew Joseph Perez

Episode Three (4/7/18) - Playoffs Round 1!

Summary: Demon 1745 dispatches two demons who don't care about rules to take care of Jake and Jill. Meanwhile, the others meet Aurora, clearly the Queen of this realm, who is able to sideline and quiet Beth with a wave of her hand. They are in the Light, and this is where Jill can get a better Companion. But before they can speak further, Demon 0234 arrives, claiming to need Aurora's help because he, unlike everyone else, doesn't have a Companion. And moments later, the other demons arrive, taking Jake, Jill, Kyle and Beth hostage...


Photos by Andrew Joseph Perez


Dana DeRuyck Jill (Eps. 1-3)
Carrie Keranen Beth (Eps. 1-3)
Will McMichael Jake (Eps. 1-3)
Peter Fluet Kyle (Eps. 1 & 3)
Keeshan Giles Kyle (Ep. 2)
Alisa Tangredi Dem1745 (Eps. 1-3)
Matt McVay Dem0234 (Eps. 1-2)
JJ Mayes Dem0234 (Ep. 3)
Laura Nicole Harrison Aurora (Ep. 2)
Paula Rhodes Aurora (Ep. 3)
Rick Steadman Dem7584 (Ep. 3)
Tim Kopacz Dem1302 (Ep. 3)