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The Schlemiel

written by Todd Alcott & Julie Cross
directed by Todd Alcott
based on an idea by Dean Jacobson
songs by Jonathan Dinerstein

A nebbish vampire flees the old country to try to find love in rural Maine, but his past follows him close behind.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/21/17)

Summary: Dean is a vampire, hundreds of years old a nebbishy sort who just wishes he was cool and could attract women for which he is berated by his tough, cool brother JT, both of whom live in the shadow of their terrifying father. Dean is hung up on Mirna, who is married to Sheriff Joe, who likes his small town life. Their marriage is clearly not a happy one for Mirna. When Sheriff Joe learns that someone's been draining the blood of the hogs of a local farmer, he vows to catch whoever is responsible.


Photos by Jax Ball


Dean Jacobson Dean (Ep. 1)
Courtney Rackley Mirna (Ep. 1)
Joe Jordan Sheriff Joe (Ep. 1)
Scott Dean JT (Ep. 1)