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The Stragglers

written by Justin Sanders
directed by Guy Picot

An exercise in fertility.

1 Episode

Episode One (2/3/18)

Summary: Three beings suddenly pop through a hatch find themselves in an oddly supple room with no memory of how they got there. Red is annoyed, Yellow is boundlessly enthusiastic, and Blue is fearful. They are filled in on their situation by Nerve, a figure in a lab coat who is quite annoyed at their presence, that they are sperm about to leave the shaft and fertilize an egg. They are horrified to learn that there are millions of other sperm ahead of them - and that they are stragglers, a last handful of sperm pushed out by the testes to make way for a new batch who are slower and likely dumber than the others, and they have pretty much no chance of being the one that fertilizes the egg... and that when they fail, they will die. Still, they have no choice. As they are sucked out as the shaft begins to move, Nerve is irritated to find the hatch opening once again... and then horrified as some faceless, very wrong thing emerges. Unable to get it to turn back, he flees down the urethra behind the stragglers.


Photos by Scott Golden


Vicki Syal Red (Ep. 1)
Cali Fleming Yellow (Ep. 1)
Carlin Power Blue (Ep. 1)
Corey Klemow Nerve (Ep. 1)
Jacob Sidney Bad Seed (Ep. 1)