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The Villainous Mr. X

written by Michael Lerer
directed by Erik Engman

This time, it's personal.

4 Episodes
Original Run: 3 eps, 11/4/17 - 11/18/17
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 4/7/18

Episode One (11/4/17)

Summary: The Villainous Mr. X and his henchmen have secret agent Thames Pond in his clutches... but that's just his day job. He's called away by a call from his husband Kenneth; their moody teenage daughter Vivian, though a straight-A student, has caused a disruption at school, and hard-assed Principal Tallum is irate. When X returns to work, he learns that in his absence, Pond has seduced henchwoman Inyu Endo and she's helped him to escape.



Photos by Austin Kress

Episode Two (11/11/17)

Summary: Mr. X hires notorious (and kinda whiny) hitman Mr. Friendly (who's rather be known as Steven) to assassinate Principal Tallum, but doesn't consider how suspicious the death will look to everyone - including Vivian. Meanwhile, Thames and Ms. Endo unexpectedly arrive at Mr. X and Kenneth's home while Mr. X is out; they're there to pick up Ms. Endo's daughter Genesis, who is friends with Vivian. Neither of the estwhile parents / superspies realize that their worlds are about to collide...



Photos by Nathan Wellman

Episode Three (11/18/17)

Summary: Vivian and her friends investigate the murder of Principal Tallum, and quickly find Mr. X's not-very-subtle "coded" messages on social media, referring to his mysterious boss, "Mister Hex." Meanwhile, Xavier comes home, and Thames Pond and Ms. Endo are shocked to see him.


Photos by Jax Ball

Episode Four (4/7/18) - Playoffs Round 1!

Summary: Xavier tells Pond he's not going to do anything to him for the sake of their kids - and facepalms when he realizes that Pond had no idea he was Mr. X until he told him. As the two reach a detente, Mr. Friendly shows up to assassinate Pond. Xavier tries to stop him, but what actually stops him is when Alex enters - and it turns out that Mr. Friendly is Alex's dad. Poorly covering, he hides the gun behind his back and says he's here to pick Alex up...


Photos by Andrew Joseph Perez


Colin Willkie Xavier Reed (Eps. 1-4)
Tim Kopacz Thames Pond (Eps. 1-4)
Kristyn Evelyn Inyu Endo (Eps. 1-3)
Isaac Deakyne Thug (Eps. 1-2)
Lana Rae Jarvis Vivian Reed (Eps. 1-3)
John Wuchte Kenneth Reed (Eps. 1-4)
Lisa Anne Nicolai Principal Tallum (Ep. 1)
Cj Merriman Alex (Eps. 2-4)
Emily Clark Genesis (Eps. 2-3)
Vivian Reed (Ep. 4)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Mr. Friendly (Eps. 2-4)