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written & directed by Jeff Scot Carey


1 Episode

Episode One (11/11/17)

Summary: It's the far future. An environmental disaster has left the world covered in endless snow, and the human population has been devastated; the only survivors are descendants of those chosen few who traveled on Nova's Ark to weather the storm. Most travel is now done via snow transport vehicles, but some hardy souls known as Wanderers explore on foot using snowshoes. Agriculture is gone, so food is created via replicators. When Kinsey meets Yaux at what used to be a sunny beach resort once upon a time, the two get to talking, and they can scarcely imagine what it was like in the old days, where there were so many more people, and no room left for anybody. Or when you could tumble down hills of grass. Yaux has snowshoes, and the pair decide to go Wandering...


Photos by Nathan Wellman


Curt Bonnem Yaux (Ep. 1)
Emily Clark Kinsey (Ep. 1)