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Deceased Serial:


written by Ed Goodman
directed by Zachary Smith

A lone savior from a distant galaxy, sent to earth to eradicate ignorance and save all of humanity from an epoch of darkness using nothing but consciousness, love, and a superior POV.

1 Episode

Episode One (3/9/19)

Summary: Hurlo becomes frustrated at a new school when the teacher and her fellow students insist that 2+2=5 - so she shoots them... thus ending the simulation she's in. She's actually an alien being trained to save humanity from its own ignorance and a coming dark age that could last for 10,000 years, and her supervisor tells her that although she's top of her class in many ways, she needs to learn to use patience and build connections rather than simply eradicating ignorance at gunpoint. Hurlo and the supervisor are also romantically involved, but before they can head off to spend the evening unwinding together, an emergency alert sounds: there's been a sudden surge of ignorance on Earth following an election in North Carolina. A suddenly nervous Hurlo, now unsure of her ability to function in the field, has no choice but to go there immediately.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Bryan Allman Teacher (Ep. 1)
Pat Towne Juks (Ep. 1)
Cj Merriman Supervisor (Ep. 1)
Macy Idzakovich Hurlo (Ep. 1)