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Deceased Serial:


written & directed by Brittany McSorley


1 Episode

Episode One (2/9/19)

Summary: Jessica is about to get married to Derek, and longtime friend Penny is her maid of honor. However, Penny is nervous about seeing her exes at the wedding, because when she broke up with each of them, to soften the blow, she made "backup" plans with them - vows that if they were still single by a certain age that she'd marry them. And she didn't stagger the ages, so she's promised all three that she'll marry them when she turns 30. Derek suggests that she make a new backup plan with her platonic best friend Ben, but Penny and Jessica both aggressively laugh that suggestion off. As the exes arrive, Penny and Jessica agree that it's time to start drinking.


Photos by David Rodriguez


Brittany McSorley Penny (Ep. 1)
Page Ridgeway Jessica (Ep. 1)
Lawrence O'Regan-Lloyd Derek (Ep. 1)