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Playoffs Serial:

Botch Bros. Run Errands

written by Zach Huddleston and Brandon Barrick
directed by Lauren Van Kurin

The Tag Team Champions of the world have a long to-do list.

Next Time: Episode 3
Original Run: 2 eps, 12/15/18 - 2/2/19

Episode One (12/15/18)

Summary: Tag-team wrestling villains the Botch Bros. have nine hours (or roughly nine episodes) to prepare for a match in which they'll reclaim their tag-team champion title from the goody-goody wrestler to took it from them. But first, they have some errands to run, starting with getting coffee at Starbucks. However, when barista Marissa says that wrestling is scripted, they challenge her to a match... which Marissa wins handily, dumping their ventis on them.



Photos by Lana Rae Jarvis

Episode Two (2/2/19)

Summary: The Botch Bros. go to pick up their dry cleaning, and are enraged to find that their uniforms have shrunk. It seems their uniforms are made of bone broth, and the dry cleaner they used is a green dry cleaner who don't use the harsh chemicals their outfits require. Their argument with the environmentally conscious staff - which includes an angry screed from the Bros. against whales - turns into a wrestling match with Tina the Dry Cleaner - one that Tina wins handily.


Photos by Lana Rae Jarvis


Hammerin' Hank Horn Himself (Eps. 1-2)
Ramblin' Reed Rex Himself (Eps. 1-2)
Matt Cavedon Customer (Ep. 1)
Amanda Blake Davis Marissa (Ep. 1)
Erin Lann Tina (Ep. 2)
Megan Reisberg Jasmine (Ep. 2)
Claudio Saavedra Wire Coat Hanger (Ep. 2)