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Continuing Serial:


written by Jax Ball
directed by Harim Sanchez

Eto ne gey.

Next Time: Episode 3
Began 10/6/18

Episode One (10/6/18)

Summary: Russian bros Sergey and Andrei are in a rut. Sergey wants to go out and see the world, but Andrei just wants to sit at home watching TV. A passerby named Hollywood affirms that travel is good for the soul. When Andrei is still not interested, Sergey shoots Hollywood, and forces Andrei to come on a trip with him at gunpoint - and to kidnap the bleeding Hollywood and takes him with them.



Photos by Allena Braithwaite

Episode Two (10/13/18)

Summary: On their way to Turkey, Sergey is happy that they have left Moscow to see the world, but Hollywood frets that he's going to bleed out within a few days (days!? His blood clots really well.) and wants to be taken to a hospital, but Sergey won't hear of it. A man with a camera approaches; could he be a spy? An officer of the law? The man asks if Hollywood is okay; just as we learn he's the host of a Candid Camera-style prank show and not any kind of officer of the law, Andrei panics and snaps the man's neck. Andrei is inconsolable; he just wanted to stay at home, and now he's a murderer. The two bros drag Sergey with them as they flee the scene, Hollywood still begging to be taken to a hospital.



Photos by Jessie Bias


Eric Barnard Sergey (Eps. 1-2)
Tim Kopacz Andrei (Eps. 1-2)
Garrett Botts Hollywood (Eps. 1-2)
Harim Sanchez Camera Guy (Ep. 2)