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Deceased Serial:

Deep State Tonight

written & directed by Tim Kopacz

Don't worry about the tagline - it's already been uploaded to the microchip implanted in your brain.

1 Episode

Episode One (2/9/19)

Summary: On talk show "Deep State Tonight," the members of the band have had their minds wiped and don't know how they got here. The show is hosted by the unpleasant Agent X, who introduces their guest - a replicant of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn wants to do a serious picture, but is being forced to do comedies. Agent X promises her a serious picture if she'll tell the true story of how she died. Marilyn is taken aback; isn't Agent X from the government? Doesn't he already know? Still, she tells the story of how her death was caused by everyone ever rumored to have had a hand in it, from the Kennedys to Sinatra to the mob. But it was all a cruel trick by Agent X, ramming home to Marilyn that nobody cares about her; she's still just a piece of meat to be used as the powers that be wish.


Photos by David Rodriguez


Tyler Bremer Mr. X (Ep. 1)
Tim Kopacz Guitar (Ep. 1)
Alisha Soper Marilyn Monroe (Ep. 1)
Harim Sanchez Sax (Ep. 1)
Zachary Smith Couch Guy (Ep. 1)
Zachary Bernstein Drums (Ep. 1)