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Deceased Serial:

Evaluating Susan

written & directed by Aaron Francis

Making good life decisions isn't easy.

1 Episode

Episode One (11/17/18)

Summary: As Susan gets drunk at a party, her friend Maggie calls her out for her bad choices. Susan isn't listening, though, and she goes home with Paul. They make out for a while, then Susan gets tired of it and tells him, "Get off me." Paul stands up, tears off his shirt, and starts flexing and posing. Susan is confused and asks him what he's doing. Equally confused, Paul says he's doing what she told him to - "You said to Get Awesome." As Paul leaves, embarrassed, Mark and Jenny suddenly appear, narrating to the audience and evaluating Susan's life choices this evening. After some discussion, they decide to rate her just two stars. And they tell us that they will continue every week to take a look at Susan's choices and continue evaluating Susan.


Photos by David Rodriguez


Lana Rae Jarvis Susan (Ep. 1)
Prisca Kim Maggie (Ep. 1)
John Wuchte Mark (Ep. 1)
Shaela Cook Jenny (Ep. 1)
Tim Kopacz Paul (Ep. 1)