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Deceased Serial:


written & directed by Tim Kopacz

It's all very simple. One. Five. Two. Five.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/6/18)

Summary: A man is enjoying a holodeck virtual reality fantasy where he's a private eye when the system glitches and a cartoon dog appears. He tries to shut off the simulation, but it won't respond to his commands. Two technicians, accompanied by a superior, completely shut down the system - freezing the man as well.


Photos by Allena Braithwaite


Emily Clark Tina (Ep. 1)
Isaac Deakyne Man / Dick (Ep. 1)
Austin Kress Dog / Terry (Ep. 1)
Libby Baker Maureen (Ep. 1)
Scott Leggett You Know Who (Ep. 1)