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Deceased Serial:

Family Ties

written & directed by Pamela Eberhardt

If you have a shitty family, kidnap a new one!

2 Episodes
12/15/18 - 2/2/19

Episode One (12/15/18)

Summary: Siblings Scotty and Jake prepare to sell the record collection of their late mother, who had tried to burn down their house with everyone inside. Scotty is stunned when his sister Jake tells him that she knocked out a woman at Starbucks for annoying her, and that she's still in the trunk of her car; Jake found the rush of the attack better than sex - and she really likes sex. But there's no time to talk about this, as record collectors Diane and Mike have arrived. When Jake learns that the record collection is potentially worth thousands, she decides, to Scotty's horror, to skin Diane and Mike, sell their organs on the black market, and sell the record collection themselves to make maximum bank.



Photos by Jessie Bias

Episode Two (2/2/19)

Summary: Jake and an increasingly nervous Scotty take Faye, the woman Jake knocked out at Starbucks, out of the trunk of Jake's car and lay her out on the couch; they tell Diane and Mike that she's just sleeping. Mike's straightforward nature appeals to Jake - and she begins flirting with him. There is an awkward moment when Faye sits up and screams, then passes out again, but Jake writes that off as a nightmare, and she and Scotty move her to a bedroom. Meanwhile, Faye boyfriend, Nick, reports her missing to a skeptical police officer, who thinks Faye probably just left because of an argument. But when the officer finds a broken bracelet on the ground, Nick's eyes widen. "Jake!", he exclaims, and rushes off. Back at the party, Jake dances close with Mike, who is starting to feel hot; Diane is starting to feel funny as well. Jake has poisoned their wine. The two collapse, and Jake drops the cheery, friendly facade. Time to get to work...


Photos by Lana Rae Jarvis


Tim Kopacz Scotty (Eps. 1-2)
Pam Quinn Jake (Eps. 1-2)
Emily Clark Diane (Eps. 1-2)
Lucas Alifano Mike (Eps. 1-2)
Jeff Scot Carey Nick (Ep. 2)
Meghan Allison Faye (Ep. 2)
Victor Isaac Officer (Ep. 2)
J. Bailey Burcham Dad (Ep. 2)