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Deceased Serial:


written by Harley Shiv
directed by Bert Reinalds

They're right behind you.

1 Episode

Episode One (2/16/19)

Summary: Lillian begins following an odd stranger she sees on the train. The man lures a dog into an alley and then comes out without it - licking a fur-covered hammer. After a woman passes him with a stroller, he answers a call on a pay phone and simply says "younger." Another stroller passes with a younger infant. Another call. "Younger." Another infant in a stroller. "Just right." The man abducts the child and, apparently, eats it. And Lillian realizes that it was the same woman pushing the stroller all three times...


Photos by David Rodriguez


Brian Wallis Man (Ep. 1)
Jennifer Cheung Lillian (Ep. 1)