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Deceased Serial:

Fun Times at the Quicki Mart

written by Courtney O'Donnell
directed by Travis Snyder-Eaton

Life is easy and smart here at the Quicki Mart!

Next Time: Episode 2
Began 11/3/18

1 Episode

Episode One (11/3/18)

Summary: 20-year-old Marcy is left working the night shift at the Quicki Mart by her skeezy 40something manager, Frank; the only other person working there is mumbly janitor Marvin, who is busy cleaning up Frank's puke in the break room. Denizens who stop by include crazy lady Evelyn; Sam, who attempts to flirt with the uninterested Marcy; and the awkward and very Christian mama's boy Rodger. Sam goes back to his car to get his wallet, Evelyn and Rodger get into a fight... and then two gunmen show up to rob the place.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Pat Towne Frank (Ep. 1)
Courtney O'Donnell Marcy (Ep. 1)
Corey Klemow Marvin (Ep. 1)
Jake Tittl Sam (Ep. 1)
Cj Merriman Evelyn (Ep. 1)
Zach Smith Rodger (Ep. 1)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Gunman 1 aka Travis (Ep. 1)
Alon Dina Gunman 2 aka Alon (Ep. 1)