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Deceased Serial:

Hicks in Space

written & directed by T. Kane Stanton

A Space Prairie Home Companion!

1 Episode

Episode One (11/10/18)

Summary: The uptight and rulebook-bound Captain Shrapnel, aided by his equally uptight colleague and science officer, Dr. Yuengling, hail an unknown spacecraft in a dangerous sector of space. They are puzzled and aghast when they receive a folksy and non-protocol-compliant reply from Father Hamilton, who, along with his wife, Mother Hamilton, are the occupants of the spacecraft. They board the ship and learn that the Hamiltons' nuclear engine has been converted to an oven at the insistence of Mother Hamilton. So what's powering the ship? It would appear to be powered by the sheer power folksy homilies and familial love. Shrapnel and Yuengling are aghast - and aren't sure whether a friendly invite to dinner with the Hamiltons is an evil trap.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Garrett Botts Captain Shrapnel (Ep. 1)
Ryan Lisman Dr. Yuengling (Ep. 1)
T. Kane Stanton Father Hamilton (Ep. 1)
Charlotte Kyle Mother Hamilton (Ep. 1)