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Deceased Serial:

Illuminati Inc.

written by Mike Hadge
directed by Tivvy Snopaz

The shadowy organization secretly running the world is just like any other office.

1 Episode

Episode One (3/16/19)

Summary: New intern Wesley is excited to start his new job at Illuminati Inc., the office where conspiracy theories are born, cover-ups are executed, and from where the world is secretly run - though they can't help the Pope cover up all the child molestation; he hangs up when secretary Jan suggests he just tell his priests not to do that so much anymore. The office is always buzzing with activity - though everyone is caught up short when one of them asks exactly why they do what they do. But fortunately (?), there's no time to really ponder that question, as Lyle bursts in, reporting that their worst fear has come true: someone has figured out all of it - the exact truth of everything they're doing there. What to do? Destroy him? Make him their leader? Things are definitely going to be interesting around the office...


Photos by Jessie Bias


Andi Morrow Jan (Ep. 1)
Isaac Deakyne Trevor (Ep. 1)
Jake Tittl Chuck (Ep. 1)
Macy Idzakovich Renee (Ep. 1)
Austin Kress Wesley (Ep. 1)
Jordan Klomp Jim (Ep. 1)
Dana DeRuyck Connie (Ep. 1)
Tor Brown Lyle (Ep. 1)