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Continuing Serial:

It's About Time

written by Pam Eberhardt
directed by Jeff Scot Carey

The best dating app... of all time.

Next Time: Episode 3
Began 10/6/18

Episode One (10/6/18)

Summary: Teenage Megan gets a date via a new dating app called "It's About Time" - and the two suddenly vanish. When Megan's friends Lucas and Pam and little sister Emily check the app seconds later, they find that Damian is from 1985 - and Megan's in the picture with him! The only logical explanation is that he's taken her back to 1985 with him. Fortunately, Pam has a haunted magic guitar, and they play an 80s medley in order to transport themselves to the 1980s. It works... but the 1980s are a big and scary place. How will they find Megan?



Photos by Allena Braithwaite

Episode Two (10/13/18)

Summary: After a week of searching, they find Megan, none the worse for wear. Damian, suddenly creepy, tells them just before he leaves that Megan will always come back to him. Megan checks the app again and swipes right on another date - Walt Disney himself, who, like Damian before him, appears immediately - and the two vanish together for a date at Disneyland in the 1950s. Pam, Lucas and Emily sing a Disney medley accompanied by the magic guitar so they can follow - but they're unaware that Damian has snuck up behind them at the medley's climax and will be coming along for the ride...



Photos by Jessie Bias


Jeff Scot Carey Lucas (Ep. 1)
Walt Disney (Ep. 2)
Lucas Alifano Lucas (Ep. 2)
Pam Quinn Pam (Eps. 1-2)
Emily Clark Emily (Eps. 1-2)
Meghan Allison Megan (Eps. 1-2)
Reagan Wallace Damian (Eps. 1-2)