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Deceased Serial:

Last Resort

written & directed by Abby Denton

One of those sleepy New England towns where everyone commits eccentric murders.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/13/18)

Summary: In a sleepy New England island town, Adrian, a new sous chef for a local hotel, arrives. But he's really an assassin, waiting for a chance to take out the Mafia capo that killed his wife - though he'd genuinely like to live a quiet life as a sous chef. He immediately gets a chance for revenge, as the capo is going to be dining at the restaurant that night... but the time isn't right to strike; he hasn't figured out how to kill the capo and also get away, since the capo's goons will be everywhere.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Katie Canter Deirdre (Ep. 1)
Joe Moran Adrian (Ep. 1)
Kerri Van Auken Margaret (Ep. 1)
Abby Denton Lefty (Ep. 1)