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Deceased Serial:

The Final Nights of the Occidental International Hotel of the West

written & directed by Peter Fluet

Checking in for a most fabulous check out.

Assistant Director - Colin Willkie

1 Episode

Episode One (3/23/19)

Summary: The once-great Occidental International Hotel of the West has seen better days and will be closing soon - much to the distress of the grandiose hotel manager, Caleb Gorley, who rants about the hotel's former glories while bellboy Rodrigo sleeps at his post. But for now, the hotel is still open, and Caleb is enraged when newcomer Patricia Armoir attempts to check in before noon, which he insists is against the rules - and even more angry when concierges Ginny and Jess attempt to flout those rules so Patricia can get a room and some rest. To pass the time, Patricia goes to the hotel bar, where slinky Angel Devilin is coming on strong to the bartender, Max, who infuriates her by making eyes at everyone but her. Angel says she's a journalist who's hot on the trail of solving the murder of a journalist - journalist Angel Devilin. Yes, Angel was dead the whole time, and nobody can see her! And she observes the drama at the hotel between hotel guests Doug and Caroline...


Photos by Jessie Bias


Peter Fluet Caleb Gorley (Ep. 1)
Katy McDermott Patricia Armoir (Ep. 1)
Victor Isaac Rodrigo (Ep. 1)
Chelsea Gill Ginny (Ep. 1)
Vanessa Lauren Gamble Jess (Ep. 1)
Colin Willkie Max (Ep. 1)
Erin Lann Angel Devilin (Ep. 1)
Ryan Gowland Doug Feltch (Ep. 1)
Amanda Blake Davis Caroline (Ep. 1)