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Deceased Serial:

One Meal at a Time

written & directed by Holiday Kinard

Because what could be funnier than The Great Depression?

1 Episode

Episode One (11/3/18)

Summary: The Great Depression is just getting underway, but nobody really knows they're in a depression yet - the Moss family just knows they're poor. Father Stanley has lost his job, and the family is reduced to mostly eating beans. Mother Marion keeps talking about how she was on the Titanic, a story the family is tired of hearing. When a hobo shows up at their door, they invite him in for dinner and to spend the night. When young Ernest learns about "riding the rails," he decides to do so himself; his mother lets him go, convinced he'll be back by morning. But morning comes and Ernest hasn't returned. As the hobo goes on his way - only rating the Moss house "three out of five loaves" - 20something daughter Frankie decides to go look for Ernest... though Marion disapproves of Frankie leaving the house wearing pants rather than a dress.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Kaelyn Moore Frankie Moss (Ep. 1)
Eric Moore Ernest Moss (Ep. 1)
Jamie Janek Marion Moss (Ep. 1)
Zach Huddleston Stanley Moss (Ep. 1)
Drew Horton Hobo (Ep. 1)
Erik Voss Radio (Ep. 1)