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Deceased Serial:

Out of the Closet. Ha, Ha!

written by Samuel Capaldi
directed by Harim Sanchez

Don't worry, there’s nothing in the closet. Or is there?

1 Episode

Episode One (3/23/19)

Summary: Kaylee is a little girl who is scared when her family moves to a new home, but her parents are too stressed from moving to pay her fears any attention. When she finds a bogeyman in her closet, a strange doll left behind by the previous tenants comes to life and defends her - though his language isn't entirely child friendly. Kaylee finds the ray gun toy she always used to ward off monsters, but the doll tells her it's no toy, and takes it from her. The doll chases the bogeyman back into the closet - but another monster drags Kaylee away while he's not looking. "Not again!", he sighs.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Missy Mannila Kaylee (Ep. 1)
Richard Abraham Father (Frank) (Ep. 1)
Emily Donn Mother (Ep. 1)
Samuel Capaldi Doll (Ep. 1)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Boogie Man (Ep. 1)