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Deceased Serial:


written by Katie Eiler
directed by Jax Ball

Dark secrets, abandoned mines, dashing rangers... and the influencer becomes the influenced.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/6/18)

Summary: Leona is abandoned in the woods when the dippy yoga retreat she's with leaves without her. Meanwhile, Ann, a young ranger, becomes oddly defensive when ranger Dave questions her about camper's things going missing, strange voices, and campers feeling like they're being followed. And even more defensive when he thinks he recognizes her from somewhere. Elsewhere, the abandoned Leona is freaked out when she hears the aforementioned strange voices...


Photos by Allena Braithwaite


Jessie Bias Yoga Teacher (Ep. 1)
Zach Smith Flexible Guy (Ep. 1)
Natasha Krause Leona (Ep. 1)
Corey Klemow Dave (Ep. 1)
Rebecca Del Sesto Ann (Ep. 1)