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Deceased Serial:


written by Travis Snyder-Eaton
directed by Cj Merriman
lyrics by G@sby; beat by Monikerism

A different kind of trap.

1 Episode

Episode One (12/8/18)

Summary: As young Preston and his friends get high and play videogames all day, Preston wonders what to do with his life. His stepfather calls and exhorts him to get a job; Preston claims he's not just getting high all day (he is), and says that even with multiple jobs he still wouldn't be able to move out of his parents' house and pay rent on his own. Preston sings of his ennui and despair, which he and his friends dull when they "Blaze To the End of the Day."


Photos by David Haverty


Tim Kopacz Kyle (Ep. 1)
Zach Smith Brett (Ep. 1)
Bart Tangredi Steve (Ep. 1)
G@tsby Preston (Ep. 1)