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Continuing Serial:

The Flock

written by Hill Bader/Jackson Adams
directed by Kristen Boulé

Nothing says Christmas in recovery like Noah’s ark for the kids.

2 Episodes
12/8/18 - 12/15/18

Episode One (12/8/18) - by Hill Bader

Summary: The very Christian Myrtle, who is in charge of a group of recovering drug and alcohol addicts at Narcotics Anonymous, attempts to direct them in a children's production of Noah's Ark. Nobody wants to play the animals, so Punk Rock Eric calls some friends he swears will show up; he also makes an Ark prop emblazoned with the Anarchy symbol and the words "this boat kills fascists." Linda plays a profanity-spouting God, while stuttering Rickey plays Noah. Cherry Garcia plays "Mrs. Noah"; when told the Bible doesn't give her name and that she can make up a name of her own, she chooses "Thundercunt." Myrtle's going to have her hands full...



Photos by David Haverty

Episode Two (12/15/18) - by Jackson Adams

Summary: The people Punk Rock Eric got to play the animals turn out to be furries with fetishes for kinky animal sex... though this is lost on Myrtle, who is more worried what fellow parishioner Carrie will think. She just wants something of hers to go right for once... and is horrified when the furries begin engaging in an animalistic orgy.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Francesca Manzi Myrtle (Eps. 1-2)
Alli Miller Cherry Garcia (Ep. 1)
Meghan Allison Cherry Garcia (Ep. 2)
Tim Kopacz Rickey Biggers (Eps. 1-2)
Reagan Osborne Punk Rock Eric (Ep. 1)
Al Rahn Punk Rock Eric (Ep. 2)
Brittany Ashley Linda (Ep. 1)
Carrie Keranen Carrie Peterson (Ep. 2)
JJ Mayes Okami (Ep. 2)
Tiffany Asta Furry (Ep. 2)
Jessica J'aime Furry (Ep. 2)
Victor Isaac Eovoid Thayren Feralfur (Ep. 2)